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राष्ट्रिय आलु, तरकारी तथा मसलावाली विकास केन्द्र


1. Organization nature and structure

With a view to provide quick and efficient agriculture service based on commodity-wise specialty, five departments, including horticulture, were established in 1967 (2024 B.S.). It was not administratively and financially practicable to run services to Nepalese farmers from many departments due to nature of integrated production system, thus all the five departments were merged, and the Department of Agriculture was reestablished in 1972 (2029 B.S). In this structure, in order to implement crop specific development services effectively, Vegetable Development Section was established to undertake programs related to vegetables, potato and spices. In the same year National Potato Development Program was established for the development of potato crop. For developing necessary infrastructure and technology in the sector of spice crop development, important activities were initiated from fiscal year 2032/33 B.S. (1975/76) , A...

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Dr. Hari Bahadur K.C

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Sandesh Dhital

(Senior Horticulture Development Officer (Information Officer))
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राष्ट्रिय आलु, तरकारी तथा मसला बाली विकास केन्द्र
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