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Vegetable Development Directorate is one of the twelve technical directorates of Department of Agriculture mandated for vegetable sub-sector. This directorate is supported by two national level technical wings namely National Potato Crop Development Program and National Spice Crops Development Program. Under this directorate there are nine farms/centers at different agro-ecological zones. The directorate serves as a vegetable sub-sector focal point for national and international level institutes of related fields. It helps Department of Agriculture and Ministry of Agricultural Development in formulating national policy, strategy, periodic plan and annual program. It also prepares guidelines for the implementation of program. It supervises and monitors the district level vegetable program and gives technical backstops to the districts and resource centers in solving their problems especially in technical aspects. It also maintains the necessary information required for vegetable sub sector and also maintains national level data base of vegetable sub-sector. 



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राष्ट्रिय आलु, तरकारी तथा मसला बाली विकास केन्द्र
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