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Vegetable Development Directorate is one of the undertaking of the government that acts as a technical autonomy body under its technical mandate of vegetable sub-sector including potato and spices crops. This directorate is supported by two national programs - National Potato Crop Development Program and National Spice Crops Development Program and nine farm stations/centers. 
When we looked back onto background of Vegetable subsector, with a view to provide quick and efficient agriculture service based on subject-wise specialty, five departments, including horticulture, were established in 1967. It was not administratively and financially practicable to run services to Nepalese farmers from many departments due to nature of integrated production system thus all the five departments were merged, and the Department of Agriculture was reestablished in 1972. In this structure, in order to implement crop specific development services effectively, Vegetable Development Section was established to undertake programs of vegetables, potato and spices. Visualizing horticulture’s potentiality and role to play in economic development, Department of Horticulture was re-commissioned in 1989. Again, under the restructuring of Ministry of Agriculture, all the departments including Horticulture were brought under one umbrella- the Department of Agriculture Development, Vegetable Development Section was changed to vegetable Development Division. 

Different divisions had been operated as separate offices, while in July 1999, they were considered assisting divisions of the department and financial transactions also were conducted by the department, narrowing down the role of the divisions. Because of this, service works were slowed down due to requirement of the longer administrative processes. Realizing the negative effect of this process on development, these divisions were re-identified as separate offices under the Ministry of Agriculture and Co-operatives’ present organizational structure based on the decision of the Nepal government (Ministerial Level panel) of July 10, 2000. This time, Divisions were renamed as Directorates and they were mandated to provide administrative control over and financial guidelines to the offices under them. 

Two separate offices with different staffs and program budgets; Potato Crop Development Section, presently National Potato Crop Development Program, and Ginger and Cardamom Development Section, Presently, National Spice Crops Development Program, were kept under administrative control under this Directorate from July 1992, while since 2000, this Directorate was assigned to undertake financial transactions as well. Realizing difficulties in this process, these programs were assigned to operate financial transaction themselves from 2003 based on the Nepal Government’s decision. 

Presently, Vegetable Development Directorate serves as a vegetable sub-sector focal point for national and international level institute of related fields. It helps Department of Agriculture and Ministry of Agricultural Development in formulating national policy, strategy, periodic plan and annual program. It also prepares guidelines for the implementation of program. It supervises and monitors the district level vegetable program and gives technical backstops to the districts and resource centers in solving their problems especially in technical aspects. During the course of program implementation, it also coordinates in fulfilling the necessary production inputs required, especially quality planting materials i.e. vegetable seeds through government and private sectors. It also maintains the necessary information required for vegetable sub sector and also maintains national level data base of vegetable sub-sector. It prepares subject matter special technical materials in the form of pamphlet, posters, and booklets and distributes to the districts. 

Of the two national programs under the directorate, Potato Crop Development Program has been developing and managing improved technologies including varietal improvement of potato crop to support enhanced income and food security of farmers and consumers thereby leading to economic development of the country. Spice Crops Development Program, the other national program under the directorate, is co-ordinating body of development and extension of spice crops such as cardamom, ginger and other spice crops; turmeric, garlic, chilli, cumin, pepper and coriander etc. 

Vegetable farm stations/centers are responsible for quality breeder and foundation seed production which is technically linked with designated Nepal Agriculture Research Council’s research farms/stations. Other activities performed by the vegetable farm stations/centers include vegetable seedling production, germplasm collection, maintenance and evaluation of vegetable crops, seed buffer stock maintenance. Likewise, supervision and monitoring of district level program especially in vegetable seed production pockets are equally important tasks to be performed by the vegetable farms/centers in order to maintain the quality seed production in farmers/co-operative levels. They also conduct specialized technical/practical training to JT/JTAs and leader farmers in fresh vegetable (seasonal and off-seasonal) and vegetable seed production aspects and also conduct coordinated and collaborative/adaptive type research in vegetable sub-sector. Apart from these, they are the sites for technical demonstrations, farmers’ visits and technical learning place for extension agents and farmers. 


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